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Ремонт стиральных машин

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Диагностика и ремонт производится тремя этапами !

1. Опрос клиента, что не делает ?

Включения и диагностика, проверка периферии (подвесное оборудование).

Диалог с клиентом об стоимости.

2. Ремонт и замена сломанных узлов (элементов)

ПРИМЕЧАНИЯ не забываем про причинно-следственная связь.

Устраняем не только следствия, но и причину поломки !

3. Производим проверку с нагрузкой ...... и смотрим результат!


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Repair of washing machines and other household appliances is done in three stages!.

The first stage begins with what is being polled by the client, that household appliances.

Does not do according to the client; Examines household appliances completely on mechanical damage, if the equipment is not shorted, it connects and.

Is checked. Then the equipment is turned on and checked ... how it works.

Indication and spinning or not spinning drum. Further, the technique of input into the diagnostic.

Mode. All equipment has such properties! (Diagnostics) Next, we do the diagnostics of the periphery of the ten, motor. We look elevators and general wear..

We identify a washing machine malfunction. And we announce.

It's a customer! Explaining that he broke down! Stage number two. The second stage we repair,.

Restore, change nodes, you need to understand; what if for example; we repair.

The electronic module, then we not only need to repair it, but also to find the cause of the breakdown! Electronics itself is extremely rare! That is, you need to find the cause! An example; water runs on the engine block ... And disables the electronic module! And if we repair electronic module, but do not eliminate the cause, then after some time we will have a second repair! The third stage will be our final check ... Turn on and check! Do not forget that you need to check "with a load" if you changed the nodes (parts) .....

For example; engine ! Check with the load! Check out all loading clothes! What would a washing machine work with something and not just wasted! It is with something..

Everything is working !.

Here he got up! Here we have a mistake! Here blinks! She blinks!.

In general, everything is clean rations good! He is still .... we look, the stabilizer has changed here!.

Well, there is one small problem! Here in this sub module! And she needs.

Be sure to clean!

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