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Comparison High Power soldering stations Test Ersa iCON 1 - pico - nano

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What is the strongest and fastest hand soldering station?

Look at this video.

I hope you will enjoy it.

All handpieces look similar. But there are differences.

Different heaters and different power supplies but same soldering tips. Reduces spares

Low budget iCON pico

Standard use iCON nano or high power, best performance, handy and light weight i-TOOL in combination with i-CON1, new i-CON1V, iCON2, new iCON2V power supply

No Metcal, no JBC, no Hakko, no Weller, no PACE, no cheap asian product can hit.

Because it`s better. Because, It`s an Ersa.

Designed and manufactured in Germany. By the founder of electrical soldering irons in year 1921.

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